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Star Hotel Application

(Summary description)According to the distance and attenuation of the line, the gain of the whole system, extension and relay can be automatically adjusted, so as to achieve the most ideal and gentle communication effect.

Star Hotel Application

(Summary description)According to the distance and attenuation of the line, the gain of the whole system, extension and relay can be automatically adjusted, so as to achieve the most ideal and gentle communication effect.

N Project Background
With the emergence of more and more new hotel chains, with foreign hotels entering China in succession, and with the multiple strikes of the financial crisis, Chinese hotel industry practitioners find that they are facing unprecedented challenges, and even need to start considering the re-construction of the long-term survival business model of hotels in the fierce competitive situation.
New hotel chains are better than modern, novel, neat, convenient and affordable hotels. Foreign hotels are better than high-end brands. What about other hotels? In some domestic hotels, even five-star hotels, there is still a lack of modern experience, such as the failure to achieve IP network communication and other issues.
For business hotels, how to help customers realize voice, video, multi-party meetings and instant billing services in the hotel through the second exploration of the business value of the guests in the hotel can not only make the guests more satisfied with the hotel, but also increase loyalty and multiple occupancy rates.
Improving the means of communication and service quality has become a top priority for modern hotel and office industries to reengineer their competitiveness and generate income through information technology.
N Project Requirements
According to the communication needs of hotel customers, its communication system should provide abundant hotel communication capabilities on the basis of stable and efficient voice communication, and also have strong multimedia communication capabilities. For the rapid development of Internet services, its communication system should provide flexible IP voice applications. While providing efficient and reliable transparent voice communication services, it also provides advanced, high-quality and convenient new services for hotels. By using various new technologies, it continuously reduces operating costs, increases operating benefits and provides high-performance systems:
V brings more convenience to the front desk and management work
V Increase system utilization rate and convert investment into income faster
V Hotel Informatization Reform: Improving Guest Feeling, Reducing Operating Cost and Smooth Integration with Hotel Business Process
Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty: With the increase of the proportion of business guests in the hotel, how to provide more attentive and thoughtful service according to their needs is the key to improve hotel satisfaction.
V Free booking for customers across regions to enhance customer loyalty
V provides billing function: and can print detailed list immediately
N Application Scheme
Topological Graph of U Scheme



U Program Description
V hotel central computer room: deploy a SOC8000 IPPBX, register to the mobile operator IMS platform through SIP protocol; provide E1 or FXO port and local PSTN connection, provide voice and data integration services for the hotel, single machine can meet 1536 user access.
V hotel front desk: SOC3180 information telephone is equipped with two 64-key direct selection desks to facilitate single-key call, single-key transfer, call reservation, call switching and other functions.
V room telephone: divided into ordinary rooms and VIP rooms. General rooms are equipped with analog extension, VIP rooms are equipped with IP phone or SOC1600 videophone, and access to the hotel LAN through ethernet.
V office phone: IP phone or SOC1600 video phone for leaders, and analog extension for other employees.
V hotel job mobile personnel: WIFI mobile phone configuration, access to the local area network through wireless router, registration to SOC8000, equivalent to the use of cordless telephone extension, and fixed extension of the same method of use.
U Numbering Scheme
V Operator assigns a switchboard number to the hotel.
V Hotel internal allocation of extension short numbers, system support 1-8 bit unequal arbitrary play;
V Distribution of DID direct dial numbers to key departments;
U Call Mode
Extension V Extension: Short dial, free of charge
Extension V External line: External line number
Extension Extension: Dial the switchboard number, listen to voice prompts, then dial the extension number, or transfer from the front desk to the corresponding room, office extension.
V External Line DID Number Extension: Direct Dial DID Number
V Uniform Number
Publish hotel switchboard number only to enhance Hotel image.
V Flexible Hotel Code
Three groups of 1-8-bit unequal elastic codes provide a powerful and flexible numbering function for the hotel. The hotel can set up elastic numbers and arbitrary number arrangement at will. If the number is set to be the same as the room number, the number of front desk, restaurant, bar and room service can be set to 1-2 bits to facilitate the dialing of guests. Some of the machines have multiple numbers to meet the hotel's special requirements for different numbering places.
V Hotel PMS Interface
The Shenou IMS integrated communication system provides an open and standard PMS hotel management interface, which can be used in conjunction with the Shenou hotel management software and seamlessly integrate with the original hotel management software. It not only protects the original investment of the hotel, but also provides rich, practical and manageable Hotel applications for the hotel, such as check-in and check-out registration, room interference-free, wake-up service, etc.
V Hotel Telephone Desk
The main desk can quickly and accurately realize the functions of one-click call, one-click transfer, call switching, call reservation, call waiting and message extraction through the SOC8180 digital information telephone. At the same time, the main desk telephone can display the identity information of the guests, so as to provide them with personal and fast service. This not only improves the efficiency of the front desk, but also improves the image of the hotel.
V selective access
1) When multiple telephones call seats at the same time, the soft seats interface displays multiple caller numbers. According to the caller number and customer information, users can selectively answer calls on the soft seats interface, and other calls are automatically reserved or waited for.
2) When multiple telephones call seats (extension) at the same time, the LCD screen of the information telephone displays multiple calls. According to the caller number and customer information, users can selectively answer calls on the information phone, and other calls are automatically reserved or waiting.
V Memory Callback
When the outside users do not answer the system seat (extension) call, they can automatically connect the original call seat (extension) by calling back the unanswered call and selecting the required service buttons according to the system voice navigation prompt.
V comes to show
Support DTMF/FSK dual system to display. Send the time and date to the telephone together with the display. It is completely in line with the local computer, so that guests can clearly understand the time of unanswered calls, so as to deal with guest calls in time.
V Unanswered Reservation
When an extension in a hotel calls another extension, it can dial the reservation function code and hang up when the other party is unanswered. When the other party comes back and uses the phone, the system detects that the other party is free, it calls back automatically and establishes a call.
V gain regulation
According to the distance and attenuation of the line, the gain of the whole system, extension and relay can be automatically adjusted, so as to achieve the most ideal and gentle communication effect.
V Built-in IVR function
The hotel can predefine IVR voice, set up an interactive voice platform between the hotel and customers, let customers listen to hotel welcome and hotel introduction while waiting; multi-level menu IVR provides automatic navigation for switchboard calls, allows callers to automatically transfer calls to appropriate seats efficiently, and assists relevant departments to provide better services.
V Multinational Voice Service
Shenou Hotel System provides 8 languages for the hotel to realize the system function. When the guest stays in the hotel, according to the registered nationality, the corresponding language is set at the user terminal for wake-up service, voice mailbox, functional operation, etc. It improves the efficiency of the hotel staff and makes the guests feel at home, as if they had come back home, and heard familiar language prompts, so they feel more cordial.
V Mini Bar Management
After the guests check in, they use the charged products of the mini-bar in the guest room. The waiter quickly passes the products and quantities consumed by the guest in the mini-bar to the front desk or the back desk management for settlement by telephone, so as to realize the unification of accounts when the guest checks out.
V Guest Room Status
Provide hotel managers with information on whether each room is occupied, room consumption records, room cleanliness, presence or absence of messages, whether it is in an undisturbed and controlled service level at any time so as to facilitate

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