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Optical transmission
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Optical transmission

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  • Time of issue:2019-05-11 00:00:00
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On the basis of researching and producing digital SPC subscriber switches, Shenou Communications Equipment Co., Ltd. has cooperated closely with Wuhan Post Academy to develop a multi-service optical integrated transmission system, which combines switching and transmission, in order to provide users with a comprehensive three-network integrated solution within the communication network, to help customers improve revenue and enhance network transportation. Operating efficiency, reducing operating costs and achieving win-win situation. The leading products of optical transmission business include security and optical communication equipment, optical transmission equipment, multi-service access platform, integrated multiplexing equipment, interface conversion equipment, channel protection equipment, redundant equipment and so on. Among them, "SOC5000 Integrated Multiplexing Equipment" and "SOC-G08 Optical Terminal Machine" won the honorary title of "National Torch Project"; and "Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Telecommunication Equipment Access License" and "PLA General Staff Headquarters Access License".


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